Who We Are

Neil and Subash

Postal Productions

Postal Productions is a Toronto based company, bringing a team with over 15 years of collective industry experience. We create brand awareness for your business, drive new traffic and increase potential conversion by harnessing the power of digital content. Our production will inform, empower and inspire your clientele. We engage and listen to your needs and understand that to deliver your message to the client, a thorough understanding of your message is the key.

Our Team

Rachel the Set Designer


With a background in art history and degrees in both Entertainment Set Decoration and Visual Design from FIDM in Los Angeles, Rachel joins our team as a wardrobe stylist and set decorator. As an eclectic, ambitious, and creative thinking individual, Rachel brings a professionalism and unique perspective to the team.

Vanesa the Photographer


Vanesa is a passionate photographer with experience in portraiture, interiors, and events. Her background in design, customer experience, and photography complement her work very well. She’s funny, charismatic and always thrives to give the best of her services to her clients. Vanesa currently works as a freelance interior decorator and photographer for different clients and is part of a studio team as a lifestyle and portrait photographer.